A. Rigid Shaft Support Traditionally, plastic chemical pumps either have a single sided shaft help or only use plastic for a double-ended shaft assist. The downside with that is that under high temperature or stress, the shaft assist weakens leading to shaft deflection and therefore vibrations main elevated put on and reduced service life. The AME vary contains a patented integral V shape entrance support that’s a half of the metallic casing armour and then PFA lined. The rear of the shaft is supported within the PFA lined containment shell and reinforced by a metallic assist ring and high-strength carbon fibre composite cowl. This superior design means an extended design life resulting in far much less downtime and elevated productivity.
B. Vacuum Resistant Lining The PFA lining is formed immediately onto the steel armour and designed to ensure the PFA materials remains adhered to the armour even under low absolute strain.
C. Load Balanced Volute The casing volute is designed to have an evenly distributed hydraulic pressure, providing a balanced radial loading on the impeller.
D/E. One piece, steel embedded impeller Traditionally, an ETFE or PFA mag drive pump shall be fitted with a separate impeller and inner magnet. In purposes of excessive stress or temperature, the impeller can deform resulting in damages and decreased efficiency. The AME pump vary is built whereby the impeller and magnet capsule are fashioned as one piece which eliminates the chance of the impeller loosening. For เกจวัดแรงดัน and rigidity, a metallic structure is embedded from the magnet capsule to the impeller blade further increasing the pump’s operational life.
F. Simple Construction The stationary shaft design permits for a quite simple building which makes upkeep and repairs very simple.
G. Reinforced Containment Shell The plastic containment shell is strengthened with a carbon fibre composite cowl. There is no eddy current loss, so no further heating of the pumped chemical.
H. High Strength Magnetic Coupling Inner magnets are constructed from Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) so as to stand up to high operating temperatures with out experiencing demagnetization. High energy neodymium (NdFeB) is then used for the drive magnet to provide high torque transmission.
I. Back Pull-Out Simple and fast maintenance access with out the want to take away the pump casing from the piping.
J. ISO Standardised Designed to ISO 2858, ISO 5199, ISO 15783, and EN 809 requirements.
The AME range are heavy-duty process pumps designed with a metallic armour and excessive purity PFA-lining to handle the hardest applications and for transferring excessive purity aggressive chemical compounds. Designed to ISO 2858 standards, these magnetic drive pumps are constructed for reliable and leak-free operation in probably the most arduous of applications with temperatures <150°C thanks to the patented structural design.
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