Tsurumi’s small dewatering pump, the LB sequence, is designed for applications where space is tight, significantly development. Secured by เกวัดแรงดัน or chain, an LB can be used in functions which contain slim pipes, small tanks, deep pits and in remote locations which are difficult to succeed in with larger equipment. The LB model has a completely symmetrical design with no protruding components, allowing it to be lowered to unknown depths without any threat of snagging. With a diameter of only 187 mm, the pump’s round cross-section even matches into smaller filter pipes. There is also เกจวัดแรงดันแก๊สlpgรถยนต์ with a water stage sensor which is just some millimetres longer. The pump then controls itself routinely, switching on or off relying on the water degree. The LB presses water with dirt particles up to 6 mm in dimension by way of the housing, permitting optimum cooling of the motor. The models in the collection pump 225–440 l/minute and to a most of 17.5 m. The smallest mannequin weighs round 10 kg dry, the biggest round 30 kg.