Celeros Flow Technology has injected new life right into a heritage pump for a Canadian heavy oil restoration customer, enabling them to extend production. The pump – a Mather & Platt BB5 – was more than 40 years previous and had been topic to quite a few post-installation alterations.
Heavy oil deposits are extraordinarily viscous and require the injection of high pressure, excessive temperature steam to enhance fluidity and permit the oil to be pumped to the floor. In order to spice up extraction on this venture, the client wanted to increase water temperatures from 90° C to 140° C. However, there were concerns that the existing pump might not be succesful of deliver this requirement. Nozzle loads were a selected concern. They turned to Celeros Flow Technology brand ClydeUnion Pumps, their preferred provider of some 20 years, for help.
Mather & Platt is considered one of a quantity of heritage pump brands for which Celeros Flow Technology provides full lifecycle support1. Their aftermarket engineering staff undertook a radical examination of the quadragenarian Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) boiler feed water pump used within the heavy oil extraction course of. เกจวัดแรงดัน4นิ้วราคา revealed that the pump had suffered a selection of seal failures over time that had broken the stuffing box and affected operational effectivity. There had also been no upkeep interventions for many years – but the pump had never really failed.
Says Mike Golds, Global Upgrade and Rerate Programme Manager for ClydeUnion Pumps: “It is testament to the quality of the unique pump that it had continued to operate in such harsh circumstances and with no common upkeep over such an extended time frame. More importantly, it gave us confidence that a thorough overhaul may achieve the desired improvement in efficiency, saving the client the fee and lost production time that may be associated with sourcing and installing a brand new unit.”
Celeros Flow Technology overhauled the SAGD pump and carried out a mechanical seal upgrade and Plan 23 seal flush to optimize pump performance. In addition, finite element evaluation was undertaken to confirm that the nozzle loads would face up to the specified temperature enhance. As a outcome, the pump is now capable of delivering steam on the greater temperatures required. The seal upgrades guarantee it meets the most recent specs.
Concludes Mike Golds: “We are actually pleased with the result of the SAGD pump improve. It has not solely achieved the desired production increase for the customer, but additionally provided a extra sustainable and cost-effective answer than total pump substitute. Using fashionable engineering and analysis, we’ve been in a position to give the present pump a new lease of life and ensure it will proceed to perform properly for a lot of extra years.”