Mouvex, a model of PSG, a Dover company and producer of specialty pumps, has introduced its H-FLO and G-FLO Series eccentric disc pumps to be used in the North American market.
The H-FLO and G-FLO pumps are designed for crucial hygienic, chemical and industrial purposes. – Image: Mouvex/PSG
Designed for critical hygienic, chemical and industrial purposes, the Mouvex H-FLO and G-FLO pumps supply improved design features and advantages when in comparison with different eccentric disc pumps. This contains the pumps’ capability to deal with highly viscous fluids up to 10,000 cP and soft particles up to 20 mm due to an elevated offset in the eccentric shaft.
With เกจวัดแรงดันน้ำ , pulse-free circulate that protects shear-sensitive products, the Mouvex H-FLO
pump is for use in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical trade purposes which require extremely hygienic operations. The H-FLO pump additionally delivers very high vacuum on suction and powerful air compression on discharge that enables it to self-prime and totally strip strains, a crucial consideration when maximising product restoration in these applications. The H-FLO pump is EHEDG and FDA compliant.
The Mouvex G-FLO pump has been designed for the secure transfer of important high-value fluids in chemical-processing and industrial purposes. Incorporating a seal-less design that features a triple stainless-steel bellows, the G-FLO pump ensures durability while fully maximising product containment. It additionally offers a consistent and efficient circulate with a variety of viscosities, eliminating a serious application concern for many chemical processors. The G-FLO pump is CE, ATEX and TA Luft compliant.
Available in 65, 50, forty and 25 models, H-FLO and G-FLO pumps provide flow rates as much as 70 m3/h (300 gpm) with a maximum output stress of 10 bar (145 psi).